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Try our New Handmade
Fiery Buffalo
Gourmet Pizza
  • BBQ Chicken Special Pizza
  • Gyro on Pita Bread - One of our Bestsellers
  • Authentic Sicilian Deep Dish Pizza with Fresh Oregano
  • Made to Order Pizza - Have it your Way
  • Pepperoni Pizza - Simply Mouth Watering
  • Chicken Brocolli Alfred Pizza
  • Tom's Catering Sandwich Platter
  • Garden Salad with Marinated Chicken

Gourmet Burger
100% Fresh Beef
Made To Order Burgers
Gourmet Slices
Gourmet Pizza Slices
New! Fiery Chicken
- Chicken Bacon Ranch
- Chicken Broccoli Alfredo
- BBQ Chicken
- Sicilian Combo
- Pesto Combo
Authentic Gyro
Gyro Creations
You'll LOVE our
Tzatziki Sauce
Try some of our new authentic gyro creations.

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